Supply Chain


Our supply base is our strength

We forge close relationships with multiple different manufacturers, machine shops, distributors and surplus vendors in order to create the most efficient supply chain possible.


Our suppliers work with us on terms and delivery dates, on prioritizing deliveries as needed, and on price and volumes.


We have very large corporations as vendors as well as mom and pop machine shops that we work closely with in order to deliver the required product to the end user.

soldiers with supplies

Suppliers who actively develop distributor relationships with us get priority treatment and can develop more interesting business environments in order to form mutually beneficial business.


Our teaming agreements with larger manufacturers are developing quickly and within a year we will be in a position to solve large legacy platform issues that are currently beyond the scope of some of the OEM’s.


The supplier base is the lifeblood of our organization and we pride ourselves on having developed quality relationships over the years.


55 Industries has four main end user agencies.

They cover the vast majority of the purchasing for the land, air, sea and personnel sides of the business.


We supply 105 countries through various FMS programs and are working on longer term contracts for specific platforms.


Our commitment to the end user is unyielding and we go the extra mile to deliver on time and to award specification.

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