55 Innovations

55 Innovations is a think tank developed within the 55 Group of companies.


It has a diverse brief and an even more diverse set of employees its brief is to develop disruptive start up technologies, to form representations, to market and sell new products and software, and to formalize the obsolescence programs that 55 Industries acts as a conduit for.

soldiers with guns

Legacy Programs

The world of obsolescence is complex and can be frustrating.


OEM’s and users alike were not originally expecting air, land and sea platforms to last so long, to be in battle so long, or to have such a long life in the field of operations.


Some air assets are still flying 60 and 70 years after their initial design and manufacture, and they continue to be in service. They are also targeted to be in service for at least another ten years.


Finding solutions to the spares needed to support these assets becomes more difficult as older technology and tooling fade away, and the original drawings and microfiches become more difficult to find.

Military land vehicle

We are committed to spend the resources needed when appropriate, to engage in supporting this much needed area of activity.  To this end we have taken on more engineering capability over the last year, and continue to pursue manufacturing solutions to some of the more “sticky” problems the forces face.


We have also formed a “whole solution” set of niche manufacturers to work with us to develop legacy parts to satisfy the lack of immediate solutions in the marketplace.  This is an ongoing effort that is part of our DNA and we continue to push boundaries to find ways in which to overcome some complex hurdles that face us all.