55 Industries has the experience to get your milling jobs done quickly, efficiently, and accurately. We provide CNC milling using 3, 4, and full 5-axis equipment. Our milling department includes 18 CNC Milling Centers and can handle parts ranging from 40″ x 71″. We have machined thousands of parts for various industries, including Aerospace and medical.

Fast CNC “Turn Around” Response

We pride ourselves on quick responses, unsurpassed quality, and competitive pricing. These fast turnaround cycles are possible because of our vast machining experience and 55 Industries’ proprietary, integrated software system. Yet we never sacrifice quality for speed. Our superb Quality Department can measure within very tight tolerances and ensures that every part is delivered and within the customer’s spec, time after time.

Custom CNC Milling

We are often approached by customers that have special CNC machining requirements. Because of our vast experience and reputation for “machining difficult jobs,” many customers often rely on us to “come to their rescue.” We have experience with machining all types of stainless steel, titanium, non-ferrous metals, polymers, etc., and an entire engineering department that can help customers evaluate any design or production problems experienced. Of course, we are always eager to pass along any “price reduction ideas” we may come up with. In our book, a happy customer is a repeat customer!

CNC Turning

We are the experts that will get your CNC turning job done quickly and with the best quality. Our lathe department boasts (2) 2.0” through spindle, full 5 Axis “Mill Turn” lathes. These machines produce fully machined parts by combining CNC lathe turning and CNC milling operations into one machining process. This means LESS handling, LESS set-ups, MORE accurate parts, and LESS overall costs to the customer.

Fast Response – CNC Lathe

We pride ourselves on quick responses. Many times, our customers see 24-hour turn-around-cycles. This is possible because of our extensive experience in CNC lathe turning and an entire engineering department that can often help customers find better manufacturing solutions.

Yet, we never sacrifice quality for speed. Quality is always the “number one priority.” And 55 Industries has a first-class Quality Department, ensuring that high-quality machined parts are consistently delivered to the customer.