Aircraft & Aviation

From attack aircraft to transport and through all logistical platforms, 55 Industries aims to deliver quality and on time solutions to spare parts and logistics problems as well as support for program management.


As a member of the 55 Group of companies, 55 industries can “lean” on its member companies to create full support platforms that also include component repair.


With its OEM partners and a stable of machine shops, the company can develop lines of refreshed obsolescent parts and recreate original parts in the modern era.


This keeps older aircraft in service longer and increases the fleet readiness of the forces we support.


Rocket takeoff

The company can be responsive when the supply chain is stretched and parts are needed in a theater where speed is of the essence.


55 Industries is a strong partner and solution provider for the aircraft and aerospace environment.

Land Vehicles

Through its counterpart purchasing agencies, 55 Industries has developed some deep relationships in support of parts needed for vehicular solutions.


We work with the buying agencies to identify trends and needs in this space and regularly engage in supporting the needs of the warfighter in this regard.


This support extends over all different forms of land vehicles and also includes amphibious vehicles.


55 Industries leans on its partner organizations in the 55 Group to give a greater breadth of service and support than a regular company is capable of achieving.

Military vehicles and soldiers


Although not known specifically for marine support, 55 Industries is often called upon to find parts solutions in the marine arena.


It is not a major focus area but supporting NECO awards is an integral part of the “whole solution” concept generated by its 55 Group participation.

Navy aircraft carrier

Special Forces/Protective Wear

At 55 Industries we are determined to support the war fighter whenever possible.


We actively seek to employ ex-service personnel and have several members of staff who are veterans of US and allied wars.


To this end we are sensitized to the needs of the service personnel we support.


Whether it be protective glass wear, head wear, goggles, protective vests, Kevlar products, accessories, clothing or boots, we have provided all these and more to the armed forces.

Soldiers at war

Our commitment to our fighting men and women is absolute and we continue to bid on and win awards on their behalf.  As we play our small part in getting them exactly what they need, we stand proudly with them in their fight for freedom and democracy across the globe.