About Us

Company History

55 Industries was born out of hundreds of years of experience in multiple different related businesses.  The personnel involved in senior management are seasoned veterans of industry. (Some are actual veterans of prior US conflicts).  They represent some of the finest experienced and qualitative minds in the sector and have been supporting US services efforts for over half a century.


55 Industries performs some intricate tasks seamlessly and provides a platform for a variety of solutions to industry problems.  These take the form of logistics partners, small business partners, purchasing specialists, IDPO and IDIQ managers and suppliers, direct DLA sources and bidders, mil-spec packagers and repackers.


The company is developing capabilities for focusing on legacy parts solutions for specific platforms and works with its other 55 Group partner companies to create larger or more complex solutions to obsolescence.

Membership Status

Being a member of the 55 Group has distinct advantages for 55 Industries LLC.


The group company interconnectivity allows 55 Industries the breadth of activity of the 55 Group to find solutions to problems that are outside the scope of 55 Industries.  


The additive nature of the “group” revenue stream can assist to leverage better financing and gain a foothold in the larger elements of the program business.


Being in a “current” membership status of the 55 Group allows 55 Industries LLC. to communicate and interact with other members to generate inter-company revenues and improve value for all members of the group.

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Quality Certification

ISO 9001-2015

55 Industries is proud to have recently passed the ISO 9001-2015 updated ISO version of ISO 9001-2008.


Quality excellence drives all departments in the company and creates the bedrock for the actions that take place from start to finish of each procedure.


Regular quality monitoring takes place in our facility and the QAR visits from the DCMA are formal and official recognition that quality is at the center of all we do.

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