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Covid-19 Global Statistic

55 Industries

55 Industries is a long-standing, diversified provider of material and inventory support, supply chain management, manufacturing, purchasing of raw material as well as finished products to both commercial and military customers.

Our focus is to serve the US Defense sectors such as the US Navy, US Air-Force, US Army, and NASA, as well as many foreign governments.

With the pandemic outbreak of Covid-19, 55 Industries has pivoted its efforts to the global fight against this threat. We have assembled a team of professionals that utilizes our vast expertise in the global supply chain of medical equipment to source and provide PPE for customers and businesses.

55 Industries has become a leader of PPE supplies during these extreme circumstances. We provide high quality, timely delivery, and excellent customer service.

One Team. One Fight. Dedictated to stopping the spread of Covid-19

Our Products

We never compromise quality.

We provide all types of masks, gloves, sanitizers, gowns, shields, and any other requested items.  They are high-quality FDA, NIOSH, and CE certified supplies.  All of our products are carefully sourced, tested, and come with a  money-back guarantee.


They’re what matter.

We work with suppliers, clients and partners from all over the world, and they are the life-source of our business.

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